Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mt. Batolusong - Tanay Rizal - February 2014

The name has always resounded in my head. Revenge, before I have even attempted to climb the mountain and experience its penitence. Politics surrounding this outdoor spot has been thick and not without cringe. From 2-week permit approval, to toss of appropriate people releasing the permits, (I was handed off from phone line to phone line, and asked to email the wrong people), to supposed background checks and nitty-fuckitys and the sorts. 
MENRO (DENRs locality of sort) have their reasons though. Security maintained in the said mountain has been said to be compromised. Rebels and encounters have been actively threatening lax for mountaineers to hike the mountain.
Through TUCOs efforts, I was able to join this climb, free of the above hassles.

Mt. Batolusong. Summary, a lazy one.
Gradual ascents. Dayhike is possible. Close to 700 MASL. Guided. Traverse from Barangay San Andres to Sitio Kay-Ibon, Barangay Cayumbay, pass by Kay-Ibon Falls.

When I was planning this climb for the boys, we initially planned to take an out of nowhere roadside jump off at Sitio Kay-Ibon where a guide also lives just within the area. TUCO took the San Andres jump off. Reachable via habal-habal from Cogeo 2, but since we are a big group, took special arrangements for transfers. (Rented Jeep)

We pushed passed 11AM and reached Duhatan Ridge before 1:30PM

Lunch at Duhatan Ridge while waiting ones who Wimped-out.

Mapatag Plateu is already visible here. Pushing fort at 4PM, we were able to reach the campsite area at around 5PM.

Some made camp where there is flat grounds, but some also settled beside an abandoned house in the area.

Meters before the summit, the area is fenced.

Going Down.
Pushing at 8AM, we reached Kay-Ibon falls at around 10AM and made it a little past 11AM at the Kay-Ibon roadside.

Since it took me a few years to finalize this post, update on the area is that Organizers are now doing Sunrise tours, (Im assuming MENRO is now more lenient as well with the permits) but via a different way out, oppose to the Kay-Ibon falls-roadside exit. Going up the mountains summit is also now allowed.