Friday, March 7, 2014

Basco,Sabtang, Batanes - March 2014

Batanes. One of the most dreamed of vacation destinations of Filipinos. It is not New Zealand, nor has the best beaches, but its vast hills mixed with angry waves and winds continuously bashing its lands and shores is an irony of peace to a city stressed state of mind. People are kind and honest and gives you the nod at most times even waves at you when afar and Oh, you don't get to find any MickyD’s nor Jolly Bees here. A torture to the commercially reliant and somehow, a relief to ones disgusted with what has been done to Boracay.
An easy reality to the determined deep pocketed and a toss coin of chance for us religiously awaiting for rare seat sales. But then again, having heard that tickets sold at the travel expo this February (and come September) 2014 cost 2k less, makes the 7k/head-back and fort tickets we got sound extravagant. </Hint>. “Still better than paying 14k and up”, we told ourselves in consolation.
In all fairness, SKYJET planes are not propeller types, like those from Airphil, and they serve Cafe France bread, bottled water and offers sparkling wine. They even have a small pack tic-tac handed after the light meal.
*For Sunrise view, take DEF seats.