Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mt. Binicayan, Montalban Rizal - November 2015

So its been a while since I blogged, but that's is mostly cause I am too lazy, I mean too busy to do stuff.

3 peaks for the day-hike hardcore, or that 7hour trek to Mt. Ayaas.
We were supposed to day-hike Mt. Pamitinan and Binicayan (yep day-hike) but IT for this specific hike should have started way early. As in 6am early. A trilogy including Hapunang Banoy is also suggested for those looking for some lovin-pain. No chance of spending the night on those two, though I reserve about Hapunang Banoy's summit, if it can accommodate tents. (too lazy to research, oh teh PUN)

As far as Pamitinan and Binicayan, NO. Jagged rocks with hardly any flat spots. Hiking, well more of scrambling these peaks require that you wear gloves for better grip and hand protection against sharp rocks. It is also essential to load up on water and sun protection as the trails for both peaks are almost entirely sun-exposed. Reason as well why an early morning hike is recommended to cover both peaks.