Monday, October 31, 2011

Mt. Maculot- Cuenca, Batangas - October 2011

Disclaimer: Im not an experienced climber and to that matter, with handicaps. I’m overweight and is coping up with a knee injury I’ve inflicted on myself doing a first 10K run a few years back. Bottom line, use this info as reference but don’t take it from a noob hiking enthusiast.

I have done Mt. Manabu twice and twice learned a lot of lessons the hard way, even when I came mostly prepared the second time. I must admit that Mt. Maculot was a relief of some sort, given that it wasn’t raining unlike the 2 times I climbed Manabu.

7:30AM. Our two man group, Gerald and I, met at Robinsons Lipa.
To get there, I took the bus at Buendia Taft-going to Batangas, boarded off Star Toll exit (Tambo exit) and took the jeep to Robinsons. There are jeeps going to Cuenca in front of the mall which we took and boarded off at the Cuenca Municipal town hall. We loaded up at the nearby eatery and took the tricycle to the jumpoff. There is a mountaineers stop (Ka Manuel) a few meters before the area to load and clean up as well.

  • ·         The trail is more or less a 2hour assault.
  • ·         Hardcore tip is to progress slow but non stop. You’ll be there in more or less an hour.
  • ·         There are lots of mini stops as well to sit and catch breath.
  • ·         Expect your heart rate to near max.
  • ·         Cover up, there are mosquitos, ants and blade grasses, especially near the summit camp.
  • ·         Dont get lost. It is to your physical and psychological advantage to be with someone who knows the trail as even those who previously climbed Maculot, take the wrong fork.
  • ·         Pick up garbage along the way and don't add up to the pollution, please.