Wednesday, May 25, 2011

PANSACOLA BEACH RESORT – Cagbalete Island, Mauban Quezon.

Date of Travel: 19 - 21 May 2011

How to Get there.
Cubao to Lucena - Jac Liner Bus (FREE WIFI Baby!) – P209.50
Travel time: About 3hrs, if you travel during the wee hours. About 4 to 5 hrs going home.
Expect the Bus to pick up passengers along the way especially when home bound.
*Drop off is at Lucena Grand Terminal where you can board the bus to Mauban as well. If you boarded the bus hungry, there are food stalls and fastfoods here you can replenish in, oh and buy pasalubongs too. Public comfort rooms are also available, just ready your P5.

Lucena to Mauban – NCR Lines – P54
Travel time: about an hour.
*Ordinary bus, expect smoking locals every now and then.
*Tell the Bus Conductor that you’re headed Cagbalete Island and ask to be dropped off where nearest. We got off walking distance to the port.
*If you plan to buy stuffs from the local market, he can arrange a farther drop off , but then you’ll have to take a tricycle to get to the port.

Mauban to Cagbalete Island – 60ish seater boat – P40
Travel time: about an hour and since the tide is usually low, another small-boat transfer is required to draw near Cagbalete’s shore (Sabang Port).
*Prepare to drench your feet as early as your first contact with the island so fold your trekking pants and expect wet feet.
*Mauban to Cagbalete Boats leave at 10AM and 3:30PM daily.
*Cagbalete to Mauban Boats leave at 7:30AM and 1PM.
*Be sure to alot time to have your pictures taken with the statue of Gat Uban.
*The Cagbalete boat Departure location  is different from where it Arrives coming from the island.
You’ll figure it out when you return from the island.