Friday, April 19, 2013

Mt. Cristobal-Kabanahaw Cleanup Crusade - Kinabuhayan, Dolores Quezon - April 2013

Although it was last minute, Sir Egay rerouting the climb from Major to Minor is a blast of lung held air- a definite relief to a foreboding fear concerning my knee injury- the same handicap I keep blabbering about in all of my hiking posts.

The Banahaw moratorium is still in effect, but the group Kaban and Tuco were able to get the DENR's permit to exempt us and allow to visit the long-time closed mountain in hopes to facilitate a cleanup crusade side by side with the climb. But there are hushes and qualms about our exemptions' why's and how's so to avoid controversies and the sorts, in respect to the standing agreement, opted us to take our fix on to the nearby mountain instead.