Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mt. Banahaw de Tayabas - Tayabas, Quezon - June 2012

KABANAHAW Cleanup Crusade 2012 – Tayabas Tree Planting Project
Personal Struggles.
I must admit, I've been tossing coins and consulting logic to determine if my capacity to climb will enable me to carry on this cause. I am not a fan of high impact climbing (climbing in huge groups) but if with a cause, defeats my reservations as well as attempt to push myself to my limits. But that was besides the point. At 2158 MASL and an uber tight Itinerary of 1 day to climb, I personally think its suicide. There was also no assurance of a water source leaving us packed with heavy loads to cover our fluid needs.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mt. Pico De Loro - Ternate, Cavite - June 2012

I was excited to test the Deuter Aircontact 55+10 and the Apexus Halcon tent- my ever supportive wife allowed purchase- that 2 weeks before the climb, I was already walking our small unit, hip-testing, simulating and experimenting with the load distribution.
Climbing buddies, and couple, Gian and Leo of, invited me once again to climb with them for an overnight hike to Mt. Palay palay, Pico De Loro.
They picked me up on a taxi after my shift and we took a bus at Edsa Crame going Baclaran. From there we held a JL Liner bus going to Maragondon. (P78). One can also take a Saulog bus to Ternate at the same area. These two towns are border to border with each other and tricycles that can take you to DENR are available at most road sides.