Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mt. Gulugod Baboy - Mabini, Batangas - January 2014

Yeah so this is one of those old posts I still found effort to un-scrap and redeem off the blabber list. Everybodys got a point in time where inspiration, time and all em life hassles restrain you from this here.

So Gulugod Baboy.

This Mountain will always be one where I can go back to with less worry to anticipate and less preparedness to man up to. Not to say easy, but trails that trigger just enough heart-rate raise and sweat to note a worthy accomplishment to marvel a hand painted sun set, retire to a windy night, wake up to an awesome view and go down dip feet in sea after.
Getting there.
  • Take any Batangas Pier bound Bus. (at Taft, around P167) End to end travel. 2.5-3.5-hours
  • Take Mabini jeep at the Batangas Pier Bus Terminal (P40) 1hour
  • In Mabini, a small two way street town, you can shop around for supplies or eat in Karinderias. (sorry no Jollibee's but they do have a 711.)
  • In your obvious wanderings, you will be pestered by tricycle drivers for your agreement to take their ride up Philpans Dive Resort. P150 for a tricycle, sits 2-3 and your bags. (Some charge less, you may also chance upon a jeep going up to pick up mountaineers when you take the transport going Mabini) 30mins
  • Big groups may arrange a ride at the Batangas Pier Terminal, as well as pickup.
Lets start.
  • At Philpan, sign up and pay the registration (P30, I think) and ask for the councilors or anybody in the local post for their cellphone number. Apparently, there's this guy up the summit who asks for another fee stating that where you posted camp is private property. Respect, but deal with it by asking if you can verify the information from the Barangay official you asked phone number of.
  • In front of Philpans is the steep cemented road which commences your hike.
  • 20minutes further, the official trail of the mountain -with all the dirt goodness, kisses your footwear.
  • There are houses in various intervals offering your group a seat - even cold soft-drinks.
  • Trail is generally shaded, but arriving at an open summit - one should always consider hiking mid afternoon, just enough to arrive to view the sunset.
  • I've seen people pitch tent at the tree viewing the summit, and get charged extra for occupying a private property land, so fuck that area and move up further to pitch.
  • Winds are strong so other than deciding wisely, or if you're gonna pitch up summit, know if your tent can hold up.
  • Sunset here is nice, turns like the Japan flag, seriously.
  • Dogs here steal kitchen wares and solicit trash bags and there's also this playful young cow who wrecked my pitched-pole (with head lamp), emptied my plastic bin and threw the contents all around  and ate my Headwear. Had I not awaken, he would have knocked the tent down. All in the name of sheer playfulness. In slapstick, what he did gives me dibs to kick his balls to F#minor.
  • Wake up early and BRRRR away the fog while waiting for the Sun to come up. Again, take pictures man.
  • Going down may take the same time as up, but without rest, saves you about 30 minutes less.
  • You may rent a cottage at Philpans at P300 and dip at its cold pebble beach.
  • Going home is almost the same other than in Mabini, you may need to transfer jeeps 2-3x to get back at the Bus Terminal. Batanguenos are kind people so ask for directions. A side trip in the City proper is always recommended, eat Goto.
Photos from recent climb: April 26, 2014


Photos from last January climb:

Dont Camp at that tree at the Left.

Photos taken using a AEEE Magic Cam and a Samsung Note 2.