Monday, August 1, 2011

Bacolod, Negros Occidental - July 2011

Date of Travel: 24 - 27 July 2011

Silay, now what?
Early morning chills. The magnificent open fields of sugar canes and mahogany trees and the view of the mountain regions and not to forget the cold baguio like air brought by the pending typhoon in the horizon, somehow fills  me and my wife’s lungs a new sense of adventure as we step out of the new Silay airport. Parang commercial lang ng Listerine... “Ah...”
So we made our way pass the people offering van rides to the city, dodging offers and blocking our ears off, not because we’re rude but because we have a different method in mind. Commute. Our Day 1 plan is to:
Take the tricycle out of the airport, eat, roam and enjoy the laid back scenes of old Silay.
Commute to Bacolod and check in L Fisher Chalet.
It was fortunate that 2passengers are already waiting at the tricycle so we didn’t have to privatize the entire ride.
 It’s a short 20minute ride or so to the main road of Silay (Rizal Avenue) also termed Hiway. Tricycle leaves full with 4 to 6 passengers, but you can also pay for the whole trip.  Fare as of July 2011 is P20 each. Ideal if you plan to wander in Silay before going to Bacolod.
To compare DIY vs Vans, P20(tricycle out of Silay Airport)+P15 (multicab to Bacolod)+P7.50(jeep from Bacolod to your hotel)+inconvenience of transporting huge bags, I say it’s fair enough to take the Airport Transpo priced at P100. But anyway...