Sunday, September 30, 2012

Visiting a Childrens Foundation - September 2012

Me and my wife were excited to have been invited by Chie to be part of her team. As her yearly birthday celebration (and as one of her many), she always makes it a point to help out in the community. This time, at a children's foundation in Quezon City

For reasons of misrepresentations and avoiding scam, the foundation, although known and recognized by the DSWD- appreciates that their information is not spread through social media-reason they restrict being named.
We divided the children into 3 groups (Team Spirit, Team Sam and the Cuties, and Team SpongeBob) and went on with the day, a game at a time. The children also had a lot up their sleeves- presentations showcasing their well rehearsed dances and songs.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Boracay Island, Malay - September 2012

Date of Travel : 23-25 September 2012

There's not much left new to say and explore in Boracay that has not been written, but as we have previously intended, we have returned to this island in Malay for some unfinished business. This time, with less crowd, less hype and as a domino effect, this is followed by cheaper rates, stress free strolls and the beach all to ourselves, almost. We went Para sailing, enjoyed Puka beach, spent less on food(well, we tried), and watched the sun set at White beach.