Saturday, May 10, 2014

Calatagan, Batangas - May 2014

SM's Burot Beach always come to mind with Calatagan in the search for words related to Quick Getaways. A target missed, (for now) but none the less, a valid sacrifice to what had been a very relaxing weekend trip with friends. A little over 3hours from the city, feasible commutes, and people-less beaches makes up for a viable choice to bring guests over, heck even escape the grid if time is a constraint.
Albeit Sunrise Cove is far at the edge of the peninsula, last of the beaches in the entire stretch, it holds marvels I would personally say, I could have -not gone to Siquijor for its beaches, had I known Calatagan.

Getting There.
Take the Calatagan bound Vans at the back of Kabayan Hotel in Pasay, Edsa-P. Zamora Street between Mall and Jollibee. Walk all the way until you get to a dilapidated terminal with lots of Vans (Right side of the one way road). Vans are available as early as 5AM. 4PM last trip from Calatagan.

Passes by Tagaytay(Yep, expect traffic), then breaks at the Nasugbu Junction on wards Calatagan Public Market -where you can also buy stuff before going to your destination.
Van P180. Tricycle P300-rides 3 people. End to end travel. (3hours plus minus, + 30minute tricycle ride to Sunrise Cove)

*P150 per tricycle going to Burot. Nice Beach, Pitch Tent, bring food. Only 2 comfort rooms. Awesome sunsets.

What to expect.
  • Resorts in the beach stretch are a bit in the higher price range for the cheap-ass backpacker and is preferable shared by groups.
  • Sunrise Cove only offers accommodation. No resto's. Far from fast food, even sari-sari store access. But you can ask the caretaker to buy you simple stuff you forget like dish washing liquid, bar soap, even beer (P35).
  • No sunset view, there's actually a reason they call the resort, Sunrise Cove. A quick escape to Burot is possible if you have private transportation. Via Public, the P300 tricycle fare (one way) is just not feasible.
  • Road to the resort is generally cemented, but there is a rough trail part where cars need to consider wisely maneuvering to avoid bumper paint scratches.
  • Beach is generally white-ish sand with poo-bits of un-pounded corals. Approach area-Not really ideal for swimmers as it will require a few hundred meters of low knee deep walk, passing over sea plants, some urchins (put on some footwear) and star fishes before arriving at an abrupt 20 foot land drop. But yes, possible.
  • Short beach, habulan sa beach may not be as cinematic. 
  • Kayak rent is P300/hour. (They only have one and one of those types you can lie flat, float and view em sea stuff underneath through a clear glass.)
  • Bamboo Cottage we got is up and down. DOWN has two rooms. Room 1 has two single beds. Room 2 has 1 single and 1 double bed. UP villa has one huge open room enough to fit at least 4 heads in different beds. Both have kitchens with utensils, plates, knives, chopping boards, tongs, LPG stove etc,.. oh and a Ref. Yes. A refrigerator. Just bring drinking water (for the tummy delicate), dish washing liquid, your dose of refreshments and Ready to heat food if you do not prefer to cook. You can also grill pork or fish like we did (bring coal). Both huts have dedicated stairwells, comfort room and bath and sofas where you can just raise your feet and marvel at cloud movements and the faint view of Mabini and Mount Gulugod Baboy. Lemery is at your left side view. A bit to the right is where Puerto Gallera is. UP cottage has better CR, and has bidet too. Both with heaters, but who the hell uses em at this rate of SUN.
  • We initially arranged for airconditioned rooms but had some miscommunication with their (now) AWOL personnel, Mandy. The owner was kind enough to provide us the beachfront huts at no extra charge, although with no aircon as well. (8k+1k kitchen usage) Fans provided. Amihan winds suffice during the night but you can also ask for extra fans.
  • At any rate, ditch the airconditioned rooms as they charge you differently, first I've heard of. Room rate + P600 if you want to turn on the aircon. Yeah, man-what fuckery is that?
Still a go to place for groups. Family owned, few cottages. Reserve early, they may go fully booked especially this season.

On a side note, normal people wouldnt really mind, but people with third eye's may confirm some stuff. That it dawg. Still creeps me out, but hey, they're really everywhere in truth.
Sunrise Cove. 0918 942 7064 // (02) 664 9278

As an additional option, You may also contact Jessie Delos Reyes (Fellow Juan Portrait volunteer) and check out his packages.

Dont mind the projected time travel, Google doesnt know shit.

*All photos taken using a Samsung Note2 with LocoFoto Super Ultra Wide lens and Super Telephoto 5x lens and a AEE Magic Cam.