Friday, December 21, 2012

LV Outreach - Taking the children to Manila Ocean Park - November 2012

We promised to return for 3 of the childrens birthdays when we first visited the foundation last September. Make it somehow extra special. Maybe some food, prizes, games and a photobooth. But we never anticipated that asking for sponsorship from friends and families will allow us to make it even more special for all the children. And after a few weeks of planning with friends who dedicated time to help, it was final, we will be taking them to Manila Ocean Park!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sagada, Mt. Province - December 2012

There will always be something in Sagada worth returning to. The sweet mountain chill, the smell of pines in the morning, the un-even terrains, picturesque landscapes, sunrises that makes you take off your fleece and sunsets that invite the cold back, cheap veggies, brown rice, and if you're lucky- a wedding or a local festival.
I have fallen in love with this place ever since we came here last 2009 and even when the distance sums up to a clear 12hours+ of travel, the laid back life in a cool, stress free environment makes it all worth it.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mt. Daraitan Traverse - Tanay Rizal/Gen. Nakar Quezon - December 2012

My day started at noon on the 7th of December, with an eat all you can lunch team building at Ortigas, followed by a collegue visit at the Lung center, then a 9hr shift that ended at 2am on the 8th. Heavy shit. Hardly any rest. And a lot in mind. I had less than two hours to finalize and limit my pack to 15kilos as I had to leave at 4am to meet with the rest of TUCO (The United Climbers Organization), same guys I frequently join and adopt myself into- supporting their climbs and causes. This time, its a climb to Tanay Rizal, starting at Barangay Daraitan crossing General Nakar Quezon and back.