Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte - September 2011

Date of Travel : 18 - 21 September 2011

Bad Vibes.

After about 3 weeks of split offs, the taste of the long awaited vacation seem heavenly orgasmic (for the lack of a meaningful superlative adjective, blah!) Hardly feeling rest days, on the side I was tipping Gian not to break hell lose as is the problem with group vacations... How to get them organized, ..a general term. Under which, means, constantly communicating; confirming attendance, bank deposits as payment, conceptualizing plan B's, reiterating itineraries and what to brings and all those stuff commonly neglected by the herd. Shout outs to Gian for bearing that heavy dope. We were also pressured to meet the necessary headcount the TOUR requires. The pack of 13 ended up in 8 that of which consisted of a lot of back outs, uberly lame alibis, head substitutions and another Tour service.

End tag, Bad vibes.

We were fortunate enough, with some hardcore research from Gian, to have found Sir Melvic Briñas' Calaguas tour service. Our small group of 8, was a go- so we rid ourselves the head count requirement from the previous tour we were eyeing.

Turned out, it still is the Cagbalete group and 1+1 of Gians' friends which made the group complete.