Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mt. Batulao - Nasugbu, Batangas - April 2012

There's no easy mountain to climb. Each, unique. Mt. Batulao in Nasugbu Batangas, a 4/9 811MASL Minor climb is one of them so called day hikes that beginners will find challenging and rewarding at the same time. I’ve been browsing photos and reading blog posts about this mountain and have often mistaken its saw teeth ridges as one from the great Guiting Guiting. The magnificent range of the mountains that defines the old and new trail is as well an art on its own.
I was fortunate enough to have survived a couple of day hikes, some turned 12hour hikes namely and I have scaled twice each, Manabu and Maculot and once in Makiling UPLB trail, but that's just to emphasize that I am a noobie at the hobby and a lamer for that matter.
I find it jaw dropingly awesome that the Pro’s can climb this mountain in 75minutes using the new trail. Nothing is impossible, but wheres the fun in that? LOL.