Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mt. Batulao - Nasugbu, Batangas - June 2013

New to Old trail, Night Trek.
So 6 of us guys flipping out for a climb, initiated our own backyard activity ending up in Mt. Batulao. Duval had once planned to retaliate to do a New to Old trail hike and as simple as that, we hike.
The line at Goldendragon terminal in Pasay come noon time is stripped of convenience compared to other terminals. We had to wait more than an hour to finally be able to mount a bus. But all is well as we were entertained having bumped into Sir Nick of Mt. Talamitam (As of speaking, of Davao) It was a for-the-boys chillax climb. We had to wait for Duval at the Aguinaldo hi-way before One Asia Golf Resort (Previously Evercrest) as well as buy our supplies for the nights camp.

Rains, soft trails and headlamps.
We started late anticipating night trek, and to add to the challenge, muddy trails due to the remnants of a sudden downfall making each guest we come across bid "ingat po at madulas" as the trails are slippery. Well actually, much of the mud hassle is from the 1 hour approach at the municipalities before houses start to gradually fade towards a more defined jump off.

Negotiated the muddy approach for 1hour and the took another 1 and a half hours to get to the New Trail campsite.

The morning push started with the sun up high, 10AM and the boys were able to summit at 11:30AM. Weather was not at all friendly, but the least, not as bitchy. Dehydrating heat in the morning then onwards the New Trail-Old Trail Fork we packed up and tightened as rain started to gradually fall, and yes, muddy trails again. We we're still fortunate to have enjoyed time up the Campsite chilling to the mountain breeze.

Post Climb Notes:
Developed back knee blisters due to tight patela support. Need to consider open back knee support.

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Sir Nick of Mt. Talamitam.
Evercrest junction.

Diana Fajardo, Batulao casualty listed just above Duvals batch.

For The Boys. Duval had to convince Mam Beth, Sir Willys wife not to join. LOL.

Bulalo at Mahogany.
*All photos taken using a Samsung NoteII, For concerns, email