Friday, December 21, 2012

LV Outreach - Taking the children to Manila Ocean Park - November 2012

We promised to return for 3 of the childrens birthdays when we first visited the foundation last September. Make it somehow extra special. Maybe some food, prizes, games and a photobooth. But we never anticipated that asking for sponsorship from friends and families will allow us to make it even more special for all the children. And after a few weeks of planning with friends who dedicated time to help, it was final, we will be taking them to Manila Ocean Park!

We started out early but had to settle for brunch. We underestimated the children when it came to their appetite, but made the right decision of not taking them to Jollibee or any tiny serving fastfood. They like their servings unlimited! Michelle asked me, "Kuya, naka ilang kanin ka?" I said, "isa lang, medyo busog e". She shrugged and went off, asking the same question to others. I later found out she had 11 servings of rice.
Mang Inasal Ermita: When they found out we were a least 31 people, they were forced to start operations even before opening time, 10AM.

She eventually wore the grip bundled Nikon D90 with Ultra Wide lens and took most of the pictures.  Most were not perfect but she made sure she was a good student; Saying smile after counting down and clicking, telling others to do wacky poses after a few clicks and thanking strangers when she takes pictures of them. For the technical stuff, I think I made it too complicated for her. :) She made sure I was her buddy by holding my hand wherever we went. I was expecting her to grow tired from the heavy arsenal but she never did.
Manila Ocean Park

Afterwards, we walked all the way to the Chinese garden, laid a flysheet on the grass and just let the children run about and play. We shared some snacks and watched the children do their presentation.

The 3 children who had their birthdays a few weeks before this outreach.
It was a day of laughter and fun. But as much as we would like to take the children home with us, the day ends it with memories and anticipation of our next engagement. We will surely miss the children.

 We would like to thank everyone who helped out in this event. You guys made these children very happy. What we may have achieved are but little steps, but we hope that these make a difference to these children and that they eventually live by what we have shared so that they too can help out in the society when they grow up to be individuals like us.

Expense Report
Here we account the liquidation of what the sponsors have provided. We went back this 23 December to give the foundation a 200 photo album we have printed, as well as some groceries that form part of the final liquidations of the remaining cash on hand.

DSWD representative-2
Our Staff(Friends)-6
Jeep Driver-1
A hand written thank you card from the children and the foundation.