Sunday, September 30, 2012

Visiting a Childrens Foundation - September 2012

Me and my wife were excited to have been invited by Chie to be part of her team. As her yearly birthday celebration (and as one of her many), she always makes it a point to help out in the community. This time, at a children's foundation in Quezon City

For reasons of misrepresentations and avoiding scam, the foundation, although known and recognized by the DSWD- appreciates that their information is not spread through social media-reason they restrict being named.
We divided the children into 3 groups (Team Spirit, Team Sam and the Cuties, and Team SpongeBob) and went on with the day, a game at a time. The children also had a lot up their sleeves- presentations showcasing their well rehearsed dances and songs.

I do not have much story to tell. Only pictures of a fun filled afternoon at the foundation. If you like to help out in events like these, do email us at We can coordinate you to the foundation, or our upcoming outreaches as well as introduce a DSWD representative that can suggest and inform you about Social Welfare Organizations that you too can assist.
The Team.

Small efforts that make us feel welcome.
Sister.. reading the Guest Log Book.
Katelyn hangs on to Ate Jepay while balancing over a piece of folded paper after the music stopped.
As part of their presentation, they made us participate by passing through this pseudo tunnel they made while singing a song welcoming us.
The 3 sisters, Katelyn, Tricia and Catherine.
Paper Dance. Team Sam and the Cuties, SpongeBob and Spirit.
The Team leaders, having more fun than the children.

Team groups accumulate points in winning from games. Here, Pinoy-Henyo, where each individual is made to guess what is written behind their heads by asking questions while their team members are only allowed to respond with Yes, No and Maybe.

The longest game. The groups thought that forming the longest line with whatever they have wins the game. Little did everybody know that whoever Team finishes re-mounting all that they used to form the line, wins.
One of the sisters, taking a break from watching over the busy kids at play.
Chaos in motion.
Team Sam and the Cuties.
Team Spirit.
Team Spongebob - games champions.
Tricia and Ate Joyce.
Everyone gets a box full of stuff every growing girl needs.

Overall it was a short day filled with never ending fun and activities. The children, even when they know less of us, accepted us warmly and treated- even adopted us as their Moms and Dads. It was difficult for us to part with them seeing them happy and all smiles, much more that the days memories dawns to sadness of eventually missing them. 
These children have been through rough times, maybe even more than what we've gone through in our comfortable lives. We may never fill that void, or supply them with what and how we can provide, but we count these little efforts as steps that will eventually, even with our own character and radiance, guide and set a standard for them in turning into respectable individuals as well as apply the teachings of their nun mentors as they grow older and progress. 
With what little we can share, we all agreed to return and organize another outreach. We park our hopes of the mission ahead- Cross fingers, hope, pray, plan and assess. But one thing's for sure. We will return.