Sunday, September 23, 2012

Boracay Island, Malay - September 2012

Date of Travel : 23-25 September 2012

There's not much left new to say and explore in Boracay that has not been written, but as we have previously intended, we have returned to this island in Malay for some unfinished business. This time, with less crowd, less hype and as a domino effect, this is followed by cheaper rates, stress free strolls and the beach all to ourselves, almost. We went Para sailing, enjoyed Puka beach, spent less on food(well, we tried), and watched the sun set at White beach.
Instead of staying at Tans Guesthouse at Station 2, this time, we got a beach front room at Station 1, beside Astoria hotel. This is just a few meters from the main road, making it a viable entry and exit point.

Whitebeach De Boracay
Station 1, Balabag Boracay, Malay Aklan
+(63) (36) 288-6103  

We were originally given Room 202, but the aircondition is not really living up to our expectations and had to request for another room. They were kind enough to switch us rooms when luckily, the neighboring room, just checked out. 
Room 201 is bigger and unlike the previous, has a folding sofa bed that can accommodate a third person. 
  • Window type aircondition
  • Tube TV with cable 
  • Small Ref with ice maker
  • Cabinet for clothes
  • Drawer for stuff
  • Queen size bed
  • Fluffy pillows and clean sheets
  • Clean towels
  • Water heater at the comfort room
  • No Bidet
  • Table and chairs at the balcony
  • Sofa bed
  • Ample power slots 3 2x2s
  • 24 hour wifi-not as strong but more stable than Tans Guesthouse.
Room 202
Room 201-Cracked tile pop in front of Sofa
Not as good as Tans Guesthouse, but tolerable.
View of outside. Astoria buffet at the right.
Their Information area is just outside our door steps, hence when we needed stuff done, or even for small requests like hot water for coffee, they were easily accessible. The staff as well are accommodating and they have a stationed security guard during night time. A bit surprising though as most hotels in White beach, seldom provide security guards, and we're not even in the class of Shangri-la.
For Transpo rates, Noobs need to knows and stuff I've learned during my initial travel to Boracay, back track to this post.
Para Sailing
Our stay was short, so we wasted no time, and after settling our stuff at the room, headed off to Bulabog to Para sail. We had to travel a few miles off shore and transfer from speed boat to speed boat. They also have a floating waiting area at sea. A system they have in fetching and transferring-arriving and departing guests.

They fitted us life jackets then suited us with harnesses- ones you wear like shorts; and hauled us at the back of the speed boat for us to be taken away by the winds. 
Seated, they gradually loosened the ropes for the wind to drag us and elevate, as the wind meets our parachute. A few hundred feet above the sea, it was one most would not dare nor repeat. But I find it peaceful and relaxing even at the back of my mind, I fancy drastically falling off the parachute. The slightest movement of the harnesses adjusting from its supposed tightness or the possible lack thereof, makes one attentive at the swift panicked gesture and the thought that there could be something wrong with the support, You could shit bricks. But it was one helluva ride. The moment we were slowly dragged back to the speed boat, makes me want to extend the air suspension.

Ahhhh. Next time.

Think Black-Ops, or Survivor, jumping off and falling this high at water is surely gonna make for a hard fall. 

We hoped to witness sunrise at Bulabog Beach, but after seeing this on our first afternoon, we decided to let it pass. I'm sure there are other parts of Bulabog that are not this busy, but we'll leave it to next time to explore.
Puka Beach.
We held a tricycle and took a 20 minute ride to the Northern part of the island, where less people are and there's a lot of beach to enjoy and share.

Notes and Tips:
  • Do you know that there's such a thing as EMall? Yep not DMall, E! It's at the main road, Station 3 area.
  • At the Jetty port, walk outside and held a tricycle to avoid paying P150 for the ride. We only paid P40 up to EMall. Could have been P50 if up to DMall in Station 2, not sure.
  • If your hotel is at Station 1, ask the tricycle to drop you off at Kens Street, marked by a Korean resto at the corner. Walk up the alley a few meters and you're at Station 1. Astoria area. 
  • At the end of the alley, look for Jenny of Diamond Water Sports, she can arrange a pick-up to take you to Bulabog Beach for Para sailing. Their head office is also there.
  • Para Sailing Off peak rate- P1200 for 2!
  • During Habagats or when winds are blowing Southwest, Para sailing is done at Bulabog beach as winds are blowing from White beach to the back of the island. During our stay, Habagat was prominent.
  • Way back December last year, Amihan or the Northeast winds is blowing from White beach to the sea, hence, para sailing was done at White beach.
  • Due to the strong Habagat winds, one can see huge nets in bamboo frames at the beach front. These are used to filter out wind and the sand it carries with it, from entering open establishments, messing and polluting patrons food.
  • There are lots of sea weeds at the shore of White beach during Habagat seasons. 
  • The beach is also not as ideal due to the accumulated weeds, trash and those small pests that bite skin as they are washed ashore.
  • P150 for a tricycle ride to Puka beach, locals pay P25 as per Journeying James.
  • Although it is very nice at Puka Beach, don't go too far off sea as the sand here doesn't fade gradually. It may surprise you that some parts are suddenly deep and the waves may be stronger than you can fight.
  • Go to the main road groceries to buy stuff. Vodka, Beer, Nuts, Toiletries. They dont sell cheap at the beach front.
  • Offers are still more rampant at Station 2 but the dreaded "Mam-Sir may nakapag invite na po ba sa inyo sa Astoria?" hails king here at Station 1. And they dont just do that during afternoons, they pester people for their lunch time buffet too. By the way, they offer you free food, then sell you membership to their properties, so if you fancy this or know your way in and out of these things, enjoy the free food. Teh sister gave in to one of these, so we get to spend vacation in Cebu's Crown Plaza on November. At least she pays.
  • Besides the Main Road, there's also a New Road that serves as a shortcut to those going to Station 1. I'm not sure if this is easily accessible from the Jetty port, but this is the road we took going to the Tambisa-an port to exit Boaracay. This port is utilized by small boats when waves are frantic at the Jetty Port that only Fast boats can unload.
People Photos.

Astoria Nights.

The wife was star-strucked at Maria Jane Francisco's performance and character. She had to have a picture taken with him, err, her.
 More People Photos.

Crazy korean jump shot.

Overall, I was able to enjoy this trip more than the previous. Puka beach is nice and Para sailing is worth the price. There are still a lot to accomplish at Boracay, but I think these are the same things that make some people despise what the island has been turned into. Commercialized.

BORACAY TRIP Expenses– September 23 to 25, 2012

September 23, 2012 - Sunday

545 AM – 615 AM
Taxi going Terminal 4

Terminal fee

Cinnabon coffee
930 AM

Arrived at Kalibo airport
945 AM – 1115 AM
Van and boat transfer in Caticlan

Terminal fee

Environmental fee

Tricycle to Whitebeach
1230 PM
Lunch at Andoks
130 PM
Payment for the hotel
330 PM – 430 PM
Parasailing at Bulabog

620 PM
Dinner at Mang Inasal


Bake and Brew

September 24, 2012 - Monday

730 AM
Breakfast at Café and Grill
830 AM – 1130 AM
Tricycle to and from Puka Beach

Ref Magnet
100 PM
Lunch at Paradiso Grill

Pearl earrings

Shot glass for Mom
300 PM – 400 PM
Coco Coffee



Pancit at Gerry’s grill
1030 PM


 September 25, 2012 - Tuesday

830 AM

Wake up and pack things
1000 AM
Brunch at Zuzuni
1145 AM – 1200 NN
Tricycle going to port
1245 PM – 215 PM
Van and boat going Kalibo

Terminal fee
500 PM

Arrived in Manila
510 PM – 600 PM

Overall expenses:
Php  3,708.75
Php  2,499.00
Php  1,391.00
Hotel (Whitebeach de Boracay)
Php 4,000
Php  11,598.75
Airfare – Zest Air
Php 1,610.56
Php  13,209.31

**For concerns, email