Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mt. Binicayan, Montalban Rizal - November 2015

So its been a while since I blogged, but that's is mostly cause I am too lazy, I mean too busy to do stuff.

3 peaks for the day-hike hardcore, or that 7hour trek to Mt. Ayaas.
We were supposed to day-hike Mt. Pamitinan and Binicayan (yep day-hike) but IT for this specific hike should have started way early. As in 6am early. A trilogy including Hapunang Banoy is also suggested for those looking for some lovin-pain. No chance of spending the night on those two, though I reserve about Hapunang Banoy's summit, if it can accommodate tents. (too lazy to research, oh teh PUN)

As far as Pamitinan and Binicayan, NO. Jagged rocks with hardly any flat spots. Hiking, well more of scrambling these peaks require that you wear gloves for better grip and hand protection against sharp rocks. It is also essential to load up on water and sun protection as the trails for both peaks are almost entirely sun-exposed. Reason as well why an early morning hike is recommended to cover both peaks.

The Pamitinan, Binicayan fan club.
The increase in fanatics for these two mountains is one thing to be cautious about. As per our guide, Ronald, traffic build up is mostly unmanageable in Pamitinan as its one way trails sometimes accommodates up to 800 people at one point. Sure, that could be an exaggeration, but given and as heard, that the trail is tight in space, the point about traffic may hold some truth to it.

So, Binicayan and how to get there.

  • Take FX in Cubao (Jollibee Farmers) going to Eastwood, Montalban. P50 (1.5hrs) 
  • End to end trip. In Eastwood, take a jeep going to Wawa Dam. P8 Tricycle fares at P50 for the entire ride. (Can house 6people) (10-15mins) 
  • P2 DENR Fee and P30 Environmental fee (Something like that, may have been interchangeable, but thats P32 down.) 
  • Donation, optional.
  • Guides are required, P400
Binicayan offers a more challenging hike compared to Pamitinan as per Ronald. Yes, we werent able to summit Pamitinan as we started late in the day. We started a little past 9am and reached Binicayans summit at around 12noon. Watch reading at around 400 MASL (+35) and 39degrees Celcius.

We were down by close to 2pm and had lunch on a floating raft in Wawa river.

Hiking notes:
  • Sun block para sa maarte. Cap, head wear sa ayaw umitim. 
  • Witness some Sea of clouds for early morning hikers. 
  • Reserved on wearing boots as I was anticipating small footings, where your normal hike shoes could bear better, but boots were ok. Provided more grip and thicker protection against them sharp rocks. 
  • Trek pole, nah, leave it. You'd just need your balance and hands to gain better grip of your weight. 
  • 3liters of water for the sweaty marys. 2 up and 1 down. 
  • Theres a make shift store, selling buko juice and softdrinks before the rock ascend. P40 for a mountain dew, awk. 
  • Scrambling is intimidating but you'd get the hang of it after a while. Dont reserve on not using all 4s in crawling over and above rocks. 
  • Ditch the jumpshots, not safe, man. Not safe. 
  • Pamitinan can be seen just across Binicayans' summit. 
  • 360 degree view at Binicayans summit. There's a deck before the summit where you can hold ground while you wait for others to finish there up. 
  • Gloves are available at the jump off registration at P50. Its a must have. If you walk a little further, ask you guide, where you can get it for P40. Same stuff, just P10 lesser in price. 
  • Extra clothing, if you happen to wreck your pants, at least you have something to change to. You may also consider dipping in the wawa river. 
  • Wash up around the registration area, P25. 
  • Take a tour down at Wawa dam after your hike. 
  • Guides have packs, Red cross trained and are appropriately mannered, at least Kuya Ronald (09124496971) You may contact him to reserve his Guide services. I is recommend teh guy. :)
Scrambling the 3 peaks of Wawa is a different game on its own. It wasnt my first to climb mountains, but was my first scrambling and it may render the upper body some pain at strained use as well as cause one some trouble at ill composure if an met with some imbalance doing the rocky trails. Thankfully the trail is short.

EDIT: Went back to Montalban to Hike Hapunang Banoi and learned that Binacayan is really Binicayan.